Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just one of those days...

They postponed my interview until lunch time on Friday. I test on Saturday, so I tried to put it off until Monday. We all know how productive and timely Friday meeting are, Grrrrr.

Just to make this better, it might rain on Friday. At leasts I won't be out in black wool in 90 degree heat!

I am making progress on my Vogue 1126 jacket! Yes, it will have sleeves...

The back it going to be really cute if I can get past that little fitting issue, or lose 10 lbs.
Oh, and I got my nails done and it looks crappy, NIIIICE!

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  1. The jacket is going to be really wonderful when its done. Can't help on the fitting issue I am afraid, but for the bad day part, can I suggest a nice bath/glass of wine/bar of chocolate/whole lemon cake or whatever your favourite cheer up treat is? Tomorrow is another day, and that fitting issue may well suddenly tell you what needs to be done if you just wait until then.


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