Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Question of Collar...

I think that I will really like the fit, but the collar isn't going to do exactly what I imagined. I was attempting to do this: but I really struggled with getting the upper collar to sit inside the lapel. After reading the directions a 4th time, and sleeping on it more than once, I have figured out what my problem is. I was confused because the pattern only has a facing for the front band and the lapel, like a shirt. It doesn't continue around the neck edge like the Vogue pattern that I am starting with. In fact, the point of the end of the collar extends about 2" below the neck edge. What I don't think is really clear in the instructions is the fact that the end of the collar band is sewn to the facing, not the jacket body. Also, the collar band is really short at only 7 1/2" long. I don't know how tight the neck edge actually is, but I made mine considerably smaller than the pattern and it was still 8 1/4" long and it just reaches the turn of the lapel. In order for it to extend down the front for the Burda jacket style, I would have to add at least another 2" to each side.
Now, I could do this by recutting the collar. I have about 26" left that I was saving for a skirt. I could sacrifice having a complete suit in order to make it look like what I was aiming for. I have other things that I could wear it with like black, gray, black w/red pinstripe.
That is where I am for now. I will probably update later after I consult with my sewing guru.

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