Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Moving Forward

I think I have worked out the collar question, at least in theory:

I like the look even though it is a tad shorter than the lapel I don't think I will be changing it. However, I do need to take it apart and sew the convertible collar in correctly. By that I mean the body and the undercollar, the upper collar and the facing need to be sewn to each other. I think that I will like the way that they look though.

I was up pretty late working on those pockets, but they are in, and thanks to Peggy those sleeve bumps are gone. I also have the lining together and ready to sew to the facing. I like the placement of the hem, and I need to bring those sleeves up a couple of inches.

As for that BWOF jacket that I was trying to morph, all I ended up with was a great big WTF, even Peggy didn't understand it so I didn't feel so badly.

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  1. Lots of progress since yesterday! It's looking good. I think the sleeves will look great hemmed up a couple of inches. You might get it finished in time to enter the contest after all.

    BTW, you have sewn a lot more Burda patterns then me, those instructions made NO sense!


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