Saturday, October 3, 2009


I have been working on that Marfy skirt 1985 this weekend, here it is pictured with the Vogue jacket that I just finished. I didn't include it because I was busy watching the dump truck parade and forgot to smile. It looks deceptively complete in that picture, but look closer.

Even before you see the selvage hanging there at the end (in places) where the hem should be, you have to notice that the pinstripes don't always line up, and that whole centerpleat really doesn't lay right. Regardless of those things, it looks pretty good with that red jacket.

This was part of a wardrobe contest last May, if you think it looks good with the red jacket, you should see it with the matching one that I have cut out. Ironically, the white silk blouse from a previous post was also part of that plan.

I actually got the pants put together, but they were about 2 sizes too small. I actually got the blouse put together and got started on the fitting. Same with the skirt (I don't have a waisband, so I will have to find that Kay Y waistband that she did.)

I love that jacket! I must get more interfacing. Paammm... where is your email. I am so ready for some fabulous fusible interfacing.

Tomorrow I will show you my new white shirt.

I have even cut the sleeves, pockets, and collars. All that i need to cut is the interfacing. I am thinking that the white silk organza will work for interfacing.


  1. Wow, that skirt does look good with the jacket. On the skirt, did you seam the pleated section up the center? Would edgestitching the pleats help it? I did that with mine and it did make them lie more obediently and return to their allotted place when I moved.
    Looking forward to seeing the white shirt. That is a really cute pattern you picked out.

  2. I had to seam the section up the center to get it to fit on my fabric. That takes up a considerable amount of fabric. If I can't get it to lay better, I will probably take the whole piece out, sew it down the middle first, then edgestitch the inner pleats, then sew it into the skirt. I need to take it in about an inch since I have lost 10 lbs since I sewed it together last time.


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