Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thoughts, sewing and the interview look

Just hire me already, in Marfy 2745
If you've ever been through the job interview process you'll understand when I say that its less an equation and more like a blind date. I've been on both sides of the interview desk and its scary.  I've been on a hiring panel that passed on a candidate because she chewed her nails.

I've been passed over because I didn't take it seriously, and passed on another because I was too serious and didn't seem fun to work with.  I've also scored a 3rd interview because I used the word whom correctly in a sentence, go figure.
Sometimes you just gotta use an old meme

As an interviewee I know what is expected of me:
  • Be on time
  • Present professionally
  • Know the job 
  • Know the company
  • Know the interviewer
Three or four hours of research and prep puts a kink in your to-do list so I haven't completed much sewing.

The last question my Friday interviewer asked me was if I was enjoying my time off.  I had to giggle a little when I said, "Some just aren't meant to be housewives" She rolled her eyes and gave me a high five.  I don't assume that meant that I was hired.
What do you say to that?

That being said, I have been sewing.  I love my new Marfy 2745 jacket seen above.  I've completed it to wearable and I will write a full post.  I've also made great progress filling the need for denim.  I have had enlisted expert fitting help for 6 pairs which are 90% done.  I also have a lovely dress which is 85% done.

Marfy 3024 with its asymmetrical front and perfect pockets
And then there is this jacket (Marfy 3024, check my Pintrest page) that I worked with for my Suzanne Khalje sewing class last week.

Its coming along nicely, here are the pockets.

I asked her if she had a secret method for perfect, quick welt pockets.  How many Hail Mary's does she do?

"I've found that I'm too busy basting carefully, that  works for me"

That, basting carefully did for well for me!
The lips are good and even.
I can't wait to tell you more!
How can you say no to that face?

I've also got a new helper.  Kritter showed up in the yard on July 4th.  We weren't exactly looking for another cat, but she was looking for new people, so we have a new cat.

Kritter knows right where to get the most attention
She's a handful.  Sweet when she wants to be, but her favorite hobbies seems to be pushing limits and testing boundaries.

She sure is cute!


  1. Fingers crossed on the job!!! Interviewing is nerve wracking. I hope many years pass before I have to do it again.

    That jacket looks divine. I can't wait to hear the details.

  2. I think when they ask you about your sewing and you say 'well i made this' would be pretty awesome :D

  3. I think when they ask you about your sewing and you say 'well i made this' would be pretty awesome :D

  4. I know the right job for you will come soon. Love the Liz Taylor meme! Your new kitty is cute-he knew what a great home she found.

  5. Hope you get the job! I was so JEALOUS when I saw the posting with Susan Khaljie....Promenade Fabrics from New Orleans was there right?? I was shopping there just a few weeks ago and bought a gorgeous coral 4 ply silk! Can't wait to get my muslin just right so I can sew that up before the color goes out of style!

  6. That is a great outfit. LOVE that jacket (and the new kritter)

  7. awwww! your new kitty is adorable. Best of luck on the job search, too!!

  8. Fingers crossed for the job hunt. Your jacket looks amazing, those pleats and so jealous of the Suzanne Khalje workshop and basting seems to be very popular. Oh Kritter has such a cute face.

  9. Your interview suit is fabulous. It fits you beautifully and is so polished. Best of luck with the job search process. Hope you get the job!

  10. I will keep my fingers crossed for the job. Sounds quite hopeful anyway. Love the interview outfit. Very smart. You can't really go wrong with Marfy can you? Well done on the welt pockets.

  11. Hoping things have gone your way in the last month! Good luck in the hunt. Your kitty is precious. I hear you on "kitty was looking for new people" because that is how we have gotten out cats over the years...we have three now - all found us. Bless your heart!


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