Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Top 10 Reasons I love PatternReview weekend

1)  65 of my closest friends that I had never met.
PR Weekend group photo
Andrea and I in dual emerald

You will have to admit, sewing can be a very solitary hobby if you let it. Even though I've only been to 2 pattern review weekends, both times I have met wonderful people from my own neighborhood.

 Including my new twinkie Andrea.
2) Like minds meeting…
Hers is a Silhouette pattern, she muslined and still had a heck of a time with the sleeve cap.
Mine, Marfy 2286, no muslin… see the smile on my face!
Looks and colors from AFW
I love having good neighbors, she sews, she fits, she dress forms.  This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship!
Betty, myself and Kyle at AFW

3) Fashion Show for Austin Fashion week.  PR weekend coincided with Austin Fashion Week so we had a wonderful opportunity to watch the runway and be super catty.  We posed for photos on the red carpet and cheer for the PR Weekend keynote speaker Daniel Esquival.  I may have been biased by his rousing morning keynote speech and charming presence, but I really liked his look. He had such interesting tidbits and stories from his time on Project Runway season 11.  It was fun to hear him talk about his background of practical experience and how it gave him an advantage on the show.

4) Pattern Swap.  I unloaded 2 file boxes of patterns and only picked up 3.  Really, PR Weekend isn't all about stashing, you get to unload to.  I scored with a OOP Vogue Rachel Comey pattern 1170 seen here that is $30 through the website.

Liberty of London silk satin
5)  OK, I did stash some too.  Vendors like Common Thread and Form&Fabric totally rocked with store discounts.  My biggest score, Liberty of London silk satin!  *squeee* I saw, and touched it and bought the rest of the bolt!  Silk Satin from Liberty of London, how often do you see that on sale.  What to do, what to do?? I can pick two things for 3 1/2 yards.  Maybe a cowl neck top and maybe one of my free patterns, that Rachel Comey pattern picked up in the pattern swap.  I also grabbed a 1 1/2 yd 3 ply silk crepe in a perfect cobalt and a matching fuchsia.  That's it, 3 pieces and each one is adorable.  Thank goodness I didn't over shop or anything.

6) The SWAG bag.  I got a ton of free patterns.  StyleArc sent almost a hundred free patterns for grab bags, door prizes and give always.  I also scored a Deer and Doe, a wallet pattern, Jalie Tshirt and free Bernina coffee mug.  If you are watching, Marfy, you could have really built some good PR.  The Style Arc Ziggy jacket is just destined to be floral.

7)  The food!  Seriously yummy!

Embroidery queen Leslie at Stitch Lab
8)  The classes.  I have never done hand embroidery before, I still need practice!  This doesn't fit in to my wardrobe in very many places, I just want to hand embroider my topstitching on my jeans like the cool designer ones!
I also attended a sewing machine maintenance class. According to Stitch Lab machine maintenance expert, the best machine for reliability and maintenance is the Bernina 830, go figure!

9)  The only place you can actually touch the clothes from those reviews!  It was common to see new friends to introduce themselves by pattern number and fabric.

10)  My sewing mojo!  I found it.  Maybe it was in the bottom of that martini glass, or during the organization presentation when I realized that my stash really isn't that bad.  Either way, I found it.  I'm back to my Marfy blouses and dresses.  It also gave me perfect
Here's to sewing friends!
deadlines to hit for some Austin sewing.  Austin has a completely different culture than Houston, so all of those super professional 'Houston' clothes were put on the back burner for Austin clothes.  I will post pick later in the week (scouts honor).

More details (and some of the pictures that I stole) can be found on the PR website.  I had a wonderful time and I can't wait to see everyone again next year!


  1. WOO HOO!! You can never beat the fun of a sewing party!!

  2. Jealous!! :) Looks like a great time!!

  3. You look like you a fantastic time and I love your smile with your twinkie and so glad she lives nearby. One of these years I will get to one of these!!

  4. What fabulous fun. One day I will make it over for one of these weekends. In the meantime I am enjoying seeing the pictures. That silk satin looks fab. I did not know Liberty did that kind of fabric. Looks to be amazing.

  5. Looks like a great time was had! So much inspiation for sure. You did indeed score some great finds as well.Silk! Wow!

  6. I am envy you this great PR weekend. What a great time, creations, activities!


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