Monday, November 11, 2013

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

She says ignoring the train whistle in the background...

Back to sewing soon, I can feel it.

Securities and Exchange Commission quarterly corporate filing deadlines are this week, then my life returns to normal.
The good normal I mean, not the frantic, late night panic, rub your eyes and edit this spreadsheet normal.
Marfy 9462 pattern
What to do now?  

So many thing in progress, how do you chose?  I need to finish the blouse 9462, and then there are those pants sitting in a pile.

Free downloadable pdfs!
But, Marfy also has free patterns for download that need testing!  I'm lovin the jacket, the collar is so flattering.  It comes as a pdf, and I'm really liking the pdf patterns! I like the fact that yo can store them as a file and when you get ready to sew you know right where it is.

  • Downside: its a wierd paper size, A4???? I argued with the printer and finally got it to print on letter size., but it really, really wants size A4
  • Upside:  they use different colors for the lines for the different size!  Why didn't Burda think of this?
  • Upside:  only one garment per printing!  This is nice if you have ever been tracing a pant leg and wandered off down a sleeve.  You know who you are...

*sigh*  MUST FINISH ONE THING FIRST!  The blouse, must finish the blouse first!

I've also decided to buy a new machine, a Bernina 930.  Found one on Craig's List for $600 (with a nice table) but I wrung my hands, pondered and missed the boat.

Am I the only one who feels the emotional need to buy sewing things when I have the least amount of time to use them?  It somehow fulfils my need for progress.

I do need a heavier machine, I have the pieces of a gun-metal leather moto-jacket sitting in a box, and my cotton/poly/nylon jeans are wearing out. (FWIW, nothing beats good cotton denim, as heavy as your machine can handle it)

Back to work for now,
Don't forget to log in and get your free Marfy sewing patterns!


  1. Oooh I think I need a new machine too. Ahhhh. Yes, buying sewing related items fulfills the need in a sense. It's not just you :)

  2. Becki,
    You can never own enough sewing machines. I have four and would enjoy more! Each is particularly good at a few things.

  3. Metric will get you every time, glad the Marfy downloads are A4, just what I use. The machines I have that I thought would sew through a spa cover didn't want to work, so I think I need to get them some TLC.

  4. A4 paper yep - it's a European paper size only they use it

  5. I'm going to check out the Marfy downloads. That jacket is lovely!

  6. A4 is rhe standard paper size in the rest of the world excluding Japan. In the UK our printers do have settings for US paper sizes so maybe yours have settings for the rest of the world.
    Oh and by the way, it is almost impossible to find US paper sizes here in the UK if you need them to print a manual for instance.

  7. You are not alone when it comes to purchasing something for you hobby even when finding the time to do it it tough! I tend to buy fabric...I guess I'm clinging with white knuckles to the hope that I life will slow down enough to afford me the time to sew. I completely understand! I'm glad to see that you are not giving up!!!

  8. Get the top finished first. It's such a pretty top and it will look wonderful on you.

  9. Well said! Progress by action and purchase is progress fulfilled!

  10. hehe, A4 isn't exactly a "weird" paper size but is actually complying with international standard! and I'm glad to hear they are doing that. I think "Letter" only exists in the US?
    Good for you, trying out pdf patterns, I really should get brave and join you :)

  11. I love this blouse! You will look great in it! And this Marfy free patterns are fabulous. They are on my list as well - jacket only :-) I will draft my own pattern for a skirt - 'Chanel' like ;-)
    And the new sewing machine - my dream as well - new Bernina 530 or 580 - semi professional. I have to get few orders first to cover costs however... Reality is calling ...hrrrr


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