Thursday, October 17, 2013

Skirt love for Marfy 2280

Conservatively styled with cardi
I'm loving my latest version of Marfy 2280.
Its looking really cute and swingy.  I was worried that it would look too silly, or not appropriate but I can style it with a striped knit and a cardi for office chic.

I really rely on pockets in my day-to-day, so I am glad that I decided to add them.  The easy, cliche answer would have been brassy zippers with big brassy pulls, but as a middle-aged uber-vanilla accountant I really shouldn't try to pull off biker-chick. 

No really, I'm still too young for 'midlife-crisis' dressing.

Marfy 2280 pattern drawing
I love having the pockets, they are the perfect size and shape.  I can stick my stuff in them and they don't bulge or bag open.  They are much more stylish and convenient than those side seam pockets that I was considering.

I love that fall is finally here.  I broke out the boots, both tall and short.  I found only one pair of whole and wearable dark pantyhose leftover from last spring, but it was enough.
flippy and swingy
OK, by 'finally here' I mean highs in the 70's instead of the 90's, so its cooler.  Its short boots cool, not tall boots cool.  Oh, that cardigan is a silk cotton blend so its hardly cozy.

With blouse 2314 and long boots
I really do love the design of the skirt.  Its full enough to be comfortable to wear.  I can easily climb in and out of the truck.  I can also sit in a chair in an office full of people without feeling exposed, yet it is short and cute enough to not look dowdy.

I also like the look styled with long boots and a fitted blouse.

Now, back to that other blouse...

Maybe by the end of October I will be done with my September wardrobe.


  1. I'm sitting here in a wool sweater and loving it!! But hey, 70's in Houston is always a welcome change. Great little skirt and I really like the above the knee action :) Really looks wonderful.

  2. The skirt is classic chic!!!

  3. Love that skirt - all swingy. Looks fab on you Loving it with the long boots. Great job.

  4. Fantastic skirt! I love the fabric mix, great work!

  5. Love this Becki! You really saw the potential in this pattern, good eye! I'm drooling over those pockets.

  6. I love the skirt. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Looks wonderful and you look fab in it. Just as wonderful as the previous version in the animal print.

  8. Oh wow, I love everything about this skirt! It is just beautiful. For what it's worth, I think you can TOTALLY pull of the biker chick look too ;)

  9. Fun and wardrobe versatile! Great job, as usual!

  10. Just stumbled upon your blog and love your clothes. The skirt is so original and stylish.


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