Friday, August 23, 2013

More instant gratification - New Look 6871 and more

Sorry, no pictures yet.  My camera battery was dead.
But for once the fabric is still available as well as the pattern!
I love the fabric, just a splash of bright bright pink.  Really, its almost neon.
How often do neon colors come in style?

Its super soft, just a hint of stretch.

The pattern is super lose and comfortable.  In fact, some of the pattern reviews say that its the perfect maternity top.
Kwik Sew 3593 circa 2008

But there is something to be said for that...
I was recently cleaning out my sewing room and came across this green top Kwik Sew 3593 from 2008!  I had 'shelved' it because my serger took a bite out of the fabric.  It happens to the best of us.
I found the top and stated wearing it again.  Hey, it was a Saturday afternoon and I was going to Kroger's, how dressed up do you have to be for the grocery store.

I love the top, but don't exactly care for the pattern.  There is a bit of pulling under the arms as you can see with those diagonal lines.  You wouldn't think that a top like this would need an FBA (or at least I wouldn't, but then I'm new here) because its so lose, but you do see some pulling under the arms for several people.  Why is this such a common problem for this style of top?  I noticed it with reviews of that popular HotPatterns Weekender top.
My top really isn't so bad when my hands aren't on my hops, but I do notice it.

To respond to a couple of comments, the pants are from BWOF from July of 2009, and that about when I made them.  I'm making more, 3 more pairs.  I took apart the pair with the hole in the seat and laid them out on 3 layers deep.  I would be totally ready to go if only I could find the waistband.  Did I mention that I cleaned the sewing room...
Thank goodness I still have the magazine.

I will post more on my great master plan of making multiples of wardrobe basics later.

Also, its mini-wardrobe contest time of year again... Hmmm.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the pink top. The fabric is wonderful. Hope the trouser waistband turns up... so annoying when pattern pieces go on a journey.

  2. Yes, we do "unearth" treasures when we clean. Ask me how I know.....
    Nobody will see the diagonal lines on a moving target. Enjoy your cute knit top!

  3. Love this green on you and only sewers will see those diagonal lines, have fun wearing your newly discovered top.


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