Thursday, August 22, 2013

Did I mention that I love MARFY? reason 2415

Not much to say really...
This was a quick sew.  Including the separate side back pattern (which I integrated into the center for only 1 back piece) there only 4 pattern piece.  That includes separate front pieces!

When I first took this out I thought it was ridiculous for a knit pattern.  There is a dart in the right front side, and those pesky side back pieces seem like overkill for a pattern whose only suggested fabric is jersey.

But it works like a charm: 
The shape skims my waist.
The neckline doesn't pull or gape.
The asymmetrical hem slims and drapes elegantly without looking contrived.
The shoulders gather without bulk.

Pattern with coordinating markings
I laid out the pattern before I cut and it didn't even look like it would fit together.
But I looked at all my beautiful Marfy clothes and decided to trust them.  I cut it pretty much as is, except I cut a shirt tail hem.  I like these better, I hate sitting in my office chair typing and wondering if there is some sort of wardrobe malfunction going on behind me.

Muslin you say?  Who me?

I don't need no stinkin' muslin, I sew with Marfy.

The pattern measurements for a size 48:
Bust:  39 1/2
Waist:  35
Length is 22 1/2"

When I make it again I may add a couple of inches to the length and see how it looks.

I may also try it in a winter color in a woven fabric with print, and sleeves.

I have one more shirt to finish this evening so I hope to post again this weekend.  I have also started the boring job of making 3 more pairs of these gray pants.  The lining is worn through and torn and I have managed to ruin 2 other pairs over the last 4 years.  Its been 4 years, they don't owe me anything!
Its my go to pattern from BWOF July 2009.

I really appreciate all of your kind comments and feedback, its helps keep the blog posting.


  1. Gorgeous top, love the colour and the style. Good idea about the shirt tail hem at back, hadn't thought of doing that before.

  2. Your top turned out really lovely, the draping is gorgeous and really flattering style. It will be fab with sleeves for winter too!

  3. Beautiful top. Great style on you. I should be sewing Marfy again, the designs are so lovely.

  4. Just gorgeous. It looks wonderful on you and I think I need to add this pattern to my wish list. Thanks for confirming it is suitable to accept a sleeve. Just the information I needed.

  5. I really like the style and colour of the top :)


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