Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I can breathe again!

Finally, I can breathe and eat again!

Funny thing about this test, my strongest section was the essay section. I passed an accounting test because of my writing skills.

Oh yeah, and 2 years of PMS is finally over.
It was such a beautiful day for it, apparently there is a bright yellow, warm thing in the sky. Hmmm, not all accountants burst into flames in direct sunlight.

My sweet husband brought me flowers and chocolate:

For some reason, it reminds me we're almost out of vodka.

I got back to working on my Marfy shirts. I am on 2155 'cuz the thread is pink.

Because the fabric is quite thin I am doubling the center front and I made a back yoke. I will try to get it far enough together that I can post a picture this week.


  1. Pretty! and chocolate is always good:)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE CPA EXAM!!!! I am just thinking about grad school so that I can take it!!


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