Saturday, January 2, 2010

Suitings Bought by Touch

I have well calibrated fingers. After decades of hanging out in fabric stores, I can pick out the 150 thread count wool cashmere blend with my eyes closed. Fabirc shopping by braille has resulted in some strange color choices...

The top brown stripe is Pantone 18-0403 which goes with nothing. Funny story though, I got the original piece in 2003 and made a really nice pair of pants but no jacket. A couple of years later, the rest of the bolt magically reappeared at the fabric store so I bought 2 yds for a jacket. By the time I got around to making the jacket I had outgrown the pants... Now it is stranded in my stash.

The purple on the left is an incredibly soft fabric that I have 1 3/4 yds of that goes with nothing. I envisioned a lovely suit-dress, or spring jacket with gray pants, but the grays are too dark, and I can't find any more for a skirt. Its Pantone 19-2514 with a shadow stripe woven in.

The fabric on the right is from the Houston Quilt Show in 2008. It is actually olive green (Pantone 17-6206) Wool Cashmere blend that feels incredible. This fabric will probably become pants shortly. If nothing else, I can wear them with a white shirt!

No more shopping with my eyes closed!

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