Monday, January 4, 2010

Marfy 1079

Now that I am done with 1895 and quite happy.

I am moving on to Marfy 1079 which is an old one from around 2006, but it is still available on the Marfy website (Autumn 06/07).

I am making this in cotton twill shirting in medium blue that looks just a touch irridescent because of the twill.

This doesn't really go with the style of the sleeves so I am going to take out some of the fullness near the cuffs and probably put traditional cuffs on it. I just don't like the ruffle at the end of the sleeve, it tends to drag through everything you eat.

I wonder how it would look if you kept the upper and lower bands and just got rid of the ruffle at the end.

It might look fuller and hold its shape better if I put a facing behind the bubble, and put on a wider cuff.

Oh well, I might work on the body of the shirt and mess with the sleeves when I can try it on and see them in context.

Just something to think about while on my morning walk...

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  1. Oh, NOW it loads up. Anyhoo, I adore the collar on this blouse, too!


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