Monday, July 28, 2014

Oh look, Its a McCall's! 6706 skirt.

McCall's 6706, Belinni top
I'm not totally a pattern snob.
Well, yes I am.  But...
I find a gem once and awhile.

Just often enough to remind me why I love my Dear Marfy!  I won't bore you with another rant, you can see it all here in a previous New Look post.  OK, OK, basically, too many pattern pieces, too many sizes and where did I put those instructions?  A lining and a pocket are essential, so I had to improvise those.  I also added 4" to the waist which normally wouldn't be a problem, but it totally threw off the pleats.

I do think that only having 4 box pleats makes it a little more slimming than gathering would be.

This looks so nice all styled up.  When I looked at it in the mirror last night I was wearing a T shirt and socks with tenny kickers and I just looked fat.  That is so easy to do, judge a garment prematurely.  I glanced at my reflection this morning and was very pleasantly surprised.

I still might take some of that fullness away from the hips by sewing down the pleats and trimming out the layers behind them, but for now I'm just happy to have ONE of my PR Wardrobe outfits done.

The fabric is a wonderfully SWISHY tropical weight wool that perfectly matches the Valentino polka dot blouse.  I mean really, REALLY matches it.  It is still available here and has a modest 2% lycra which gives it just enough give so I don't worry about stressing it.  It presses OK, almost like 100% wool so I never would have guessed that it had stretch.  This is the perfect tropical weight wool for dresses and skirts, it truly light weight and has a nice texture to it.

I got 4 yards so I should have enough for a favorite skirt pattern Marfy 3094.  I like the concept of this pattern.  Its very asymmetrical to state the obvious. Marfy styled it safari, but I think it has much more potential.
Marfy 3094 skirt

Leisa has made it and documented her journey well at A Challenging Sew.  I'll have to study how she works out the waistband.

I have one more skirt to finish and that Marfy 2762 for my wardrobe.  There are only 3 or 4 days and I'm working overtime.  But don't count me out, I'm determined to work it out this year.

*sigh* back to work for now.


  1. This is a great not-Marfy! I love the color and the style. Well done.

  2. The skirt is beautiful! I love it on you.

  3. You are really building a wonderful wardrobe capsule for work. Impressive!

  4. Lovely skirt and how lucky to be a perfect match. With your blouse out it looks lovely and so does tucked in, but feel the pleats stitched down would make you a lot happier.

  5. The skirt is lovely. I also love those shoes! Do you have any details on those? Brand? Where purchased?

  6. Very lovely skirt and looks great with your blouse.

  7. Great skirt - looking forward to seeing how Marfy 3094 makes up.

  8. Great combination. Maybe you can try a belt (white?) to define the waist with the blous insterted into skirt.
    You have great figure for such combinations!

  9. Wow, the skirt is perfect with your lovely top!

  10. I agree with your thoughts on the box pleats. It is a perfect pairing for the bellini blouse.

  11. Love, love, love it! (Oh yeah, and the shooz, too!)


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