Monday, September 23, 2013

Marfy 2314 tie-neck blouse, wardrobe piece 2

Must finish one before starting another...  Is much harder than I thought.
Scary September is hard!  I vowed to challenge myself to finish SOMETHING before starting anything new and I have been doing fairly well.
Marfy 2314 front

The pants are still in a time out sitting in the corner.  I need to spend some quality time with them and not rush.  I won't take too long, 3 pairs of pants with lining makes quite a pile.

I am very happy to say that I am done with the blouse!
There is Marfy Alchemy totally at work here!
Ugh!  Thank goodness for the alchemy, I don't look an ounce over 180 lbs *grimace*.  Its funny how it takes 6 months of work to shed a few, but they pop right back up in a matter of weeks.
Getting old sucks!  Oh well, back to the diet and exercise!

The pattern is a size 46.  It measures Bust 40 1/2", Waist 35 1/2" and about 22" length.  The length to the bust point is 10 3/4" and the back waist length is 17 1/4"

I do love the pattern, it went together like a breeze.  The fabric is a silk charmeuse-like jacquard from Fine Fabrics during one of her wonderful 50% off sales.  Those lovely polka dots are all the rage this year, but I'm not sure its really me.  The dots seem a bit cute-sy.  But, I think that it works overall.

Marfy 2314 back
I chose the shorter, bracelet length sleeves over the long sleeves, they really need a contrasting fabric to accent the inset.  The sleeve length is perfect for my drafty office, even though my arms are a little heavier than I had planned *grimace*.  Lately I have adjusted for a 15 1/2" sleeve, this one is a bit tight so it looks like I have grown and need to shrink!

I did shorten the tie by and inch and make it narrower by two inches.  I also cut several inches off one end so that it can be tied like a men's tie knot instead of a dreadful bow. It works best with the light weight satin or chiffon as suggested, if you are making it in anything heavier you might want to make it narrower.

Recommended fabric aside, this would be very cute when done completely tongue in cheek with a menswear cotton shirting, a collar and men's tie fabric.  Hmmm, an idea for up-cycling from thrift stores perhaps...

I know that just about every pattern company now has a version of this blouse, but I trust Marfy.  I have the Syle Arc pattern, and I started to compare the two at work at lunch, but the HUGE pattern paper was too big for my desk.  I really appreciate the conciseness of Marfy's pre-cut, single size pieces!


  1. You look great in this style. And I like the changes you made to the tie.

  2. Beautiful blouse, I love the sleeve length and neck tie!

  3. I love that blouse - very pretty. Soft and flowing. I am glad I didn't pledge to finish one thing before starting another. Way too hard!

  4. Gorgeous blouse, perfect sleeve length and I like your changes to the tie. The spots don't look cutesy, enjoy wearing it.

  5. That is a beautiful blouse - very elegant, perfectly proportioned. I haven't used Marfy yet, but they do seem to make lovely patterns.

  6. I have a very similar blouse on my "wish to make list". Love yours! A very versatile piecet that looks fab on you!

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  8. I love this! I washed some silk charmeuse for it a few weeks ago (deep purple and lilac) and I'm going to make the long sleeve version, bow and all :). I really like your 3/4 sleeves but it doesn't work as well for the CT climate.

  9. 3 words: Sexy As Hell.

    So that said, Love the tie change, the sleeve length and the bodice shaping. That not-quite-you fabric? softens your coloring. Personally, I say it is dynamite.

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!!!!! THis blouse looks amazing on you - the style, the fabric, the fit. BRAVO!!!!!!

  11. Looks great! Love it with the gray pants…and your hair is stylin', too!

  12. Oh it's absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the style lines and gracefulness of this blouse. You look fabulous wearing it :)

  13. Ohhh I love your idea of knotting it like a tie and not a bow! I'm going to use this :D


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