Thursday, June 13, 2013

Vogue 1329 Fabric / pattern serendipity

Vogue 1329 'natural' pose
I bought this pattern the day it came out:
Vogue 1329
Kay Unger has some pretty neat and stylish designs that they aren't afraid to sell to home-sewers.  I have made a couple of her patterns and they have earned my trust.
This has been sitting in pergatory (pattern stash box under the ironing board) awaiting the perfect fabric.  Something with a little bit of stretch for comfort, but natural fibers for steamy summers.

Then one morning Roz posted this and the stars came into alignment!

58" wide, 97% cotton 3% lycra, 100% serendipity!

With matching black (even down to the fiber content) for the side panel.  I think I will use white cotton for the top part, and maybe extend the shoulder for a wider shoulder line.

Ta Da!
The only question remaining is the lining.  I have a bemberg addiction, but no stretch.  So, I am thinking of cutting it on the bias for more give.
I also need a secret, inseam pocket somewhere, or a welt on the side with the print.
I have pulled and measured the pattern pieces and what I came up with is within 1/2" of what is stated on the pattern.  Even though the description is stated as 'close fitting' there is close to the standard 4" of ease Bust, Waist and Hips.  That's fine, at least they admit it on the pattern measurements.

I could also go totally off the reservation and use gunmetal gray leather for the yoke.  Or, black and white plaid cut on the bias.
Do too many voices speaking at once turm a fashion statement into a fashion argument?


  1. Wow, so much to think about! I'm sure you will make the best decision and it will look great.

  2. Too may decisions at this stage I would have to play a lot, however I'm certain you will create a gorgeous version.

  3. I really like the animal print. Here's something to throw another decision into the pot, what about using the black and animal print and then using the white to pipe the seams? As for lining, you might be able to find a silk with a little Lycra. Whatever you do, it's going to be a great dress.

    1. What an interesting idea! Would you pipe the neck and shoulders, or just the interior seams? The neckline would look wonderful.

  4. Thanks for the confidence guys, I am sure it will look great. I just don't want to make it so complicated that I don't finish it. I'm liking the piping idea though.

  5. "This has been sitting in pergatory"...(might need to borrow this line.) Love this pattern. You should post pics of the different choices. Hard to tell without a visual. The piping idea is lovely, too.

  6. I love this design :) I'm sure it will be gorgeous with the fabric ideas you have suggested


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