Friday, May 24, 2013

One more Style Arc Patsy top and some Marfy play time

I started cutting another Patsy top in a more substantial jersey from Sew Much Fabric (rayon I think?).  I loved her top that she blogged about here and she was kind enough to send me the last of. 
pattern front with Center front seam and fold line for lapel
Illustration from Style Arc website
BeaJay asked me a question about the hemline curvature versus the apparent hem curve of the picture on the website.  I do think that the curve of the actual pattern is a little bit more than  indicated, but not much.  The Illustration of the pattern show a straight hem, but the pattern seems to curve more at the bottom.  I like the curves at the bottom which may be slightly exaggerated in my photo due to the very liquid drape of the pattern.  I had a hard time sewing the seem straight up the middle of the front without my machine pulling and might have pulled it upwards a little.  My next version I will probably stabilize with some fusible tricot on the wrong side. 
I do like the curved hem, and you could always alter the pattern yourself accordingly.  As you can see from the pattern above, the CF seam doesn't extend quite to the hemline.
On Roz's blog she talks about how she got such perfect stripe matching with her clover pins and I am anxious to try them out this weekend.

This weekend I also need to get ready for the Fashionista's meeting on June 3.  Roz has so generously allowed me to take some time to talk about Marfy patterns.  I have decided that in addition to a basic handout with an overview of company history, availability and look at the website I would try to lessen some of the fears about not having pattern instructions. I am going to use one of my favorite shirt patterns, number 2155.  My hope is to scan the pattern pieces, reduce them to 30 or 40%, and pass them out as little pattern examples as see if we can figure out how to put the shirt together without out any written guidance from the company.  I chose this pattern because as a shirt it can be shrunk to a manageable size and construction order of a shirt is pretty standard.
But there is a tricky part in that sleeve.
The clear markings on the pattern make construction quite simple.
I am making another version of this blouse this weekend (hopefully) so stay tuned for more construction and design details.  this time instead of one color, I plan to use cobalt blue and color block it with green or yellow trim.  I am also going to change the neckline, that one looks like a nice thought, but I am not crazy about wearing it.
And, one more of those Me-Made-Yawn pictures taken in one of my favorite places over lunch.


  1. Becki, can't wait to see this all sewn up! The "pin tip" is something I learned from Susan Khalje. And I want to Thank You for agreeing to share your knowledge of Marfy patterns with the Sewing Fashionistas. So looking forward to it.

  2. Can't wait to see the Marfy blouse made up. I'm pleased to see you spreading the word for Marfy and the little pieces idea is a good one. Every time I see you starting another Marfy it makes me want to get to my list of outstanding Marfy's.

    The Style Arc top looks lovely on you and I can see it becoming a staple item.
    Am VERY jealous of that fabric store you are pictured in.

  3. Where do you get StyleArc patterns?
    Your Marfy presentation was great last night, BTW.
    : D

  4. Why, the internet of course, I am on my first one, but so far so good! People love their pants patterns.

  5. I know where you are!!!!! Wish I was there too!!

    1. So, you should come and we will go! Are you still traveling this month?

  6. I really need to look at my Marfy patterns and I really like the idea of the smaller scale to work out the patterns, pity I live so far away!


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