Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Finished Marfy 2286

Finally, a quick pic of my new leather jacket! The length is perfect, the shoulders are perfect, the sleeves have ample room movement and I absolutely love it!

Its a little warm outside today (82 degrees), but its cool in my office and the sleeveless dress was a bit breezy.  
The lining which is silk charmeuse backed with fusible Prosheer interfacing and it feels like a dream.  The zipper is a nice sparkle of color and it zips super smooth like a high-end jacket zipper.

I love it,  a good leather jacket is worth every minute of work!

I am also now going along with the whole Blog loving thing, so please update your links with the icon on the right.  The only thing that irritates me is the ads that you can't avoid on the viewer.  I strongly resist and detest advertising!! I am considering moving to Wordpress, but not sure yet.  That is time that I would just rather spend sewing.


  1. Amazing leather jacket! I like that it's a color instead of traditional brown, black, burgundy. Very nice.

  2. Becki, having had the privilege of seeing this from start to finish I can honestly say this is a fabulous leather jacket. Your attention to detail shows! You look like a sewing fashionista!!!! :)

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  4. Wow. That is totally fabulous. Such wonderful work and I love the colour and fit.


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