Friday, September 21, 2012

Celebrating Fall Wardrobe

Fall is definitely in the air.  Football cheers ring out (yeah TEXANS with their perfect record of 2-0) and the water that comes out of the tap is actually not hot!  Don't laugh, 6 months out of the year you can only launder in cold water first thing in the morning.

Sewing progresses on the fall wardrobe.

I searched and searched for the original Marfy blouse selection 2314 but I can't find the pattern. I absolutely fell in love with the Ellie Tahari blouse in green.  Its so simple, so colorful and so not worth $198!  Sheeesh, who buys these things!  I am going to use bias cut teal charmeuse for the body and light blue and purple for the ruffles.

I am progressing on the jacket.  I see from the picture on the left that the first thing I need to do is clean my mirror and get a better camera!  The waist pleats are super easy to sew and the pieces fit together perfectly.  I will say, the drawing of the patterns seems to exagerate the angle of the inset a little.  I may see if that can be fiddled with a little, but not much.  I am so tickled with the fit right out of the envelop.
I only added an inch to the sleeves and they seem perfect.  I traced 1" SA's on the sides of the sleeves, giving me and extra 2" in the sleeves which I find that I need. 

Next, I need to add the facing and collar.  OK, It would have been nice if Marfy had included a complete front facing and lining!  The only facing included is the lapel facing at the bottom of the picture so I grabbed the stay (underlining) for the inset and the lower front.
I really should have made the lining front before I put that sleeve on... now I have made it difficult!

I should be able to get the collar and lining taken care of this weekend, and get pictures of that jersey dress that I have almost finished.  Maybe even a skirt!



  1. Your jacket looks like it will be wonderful. Such a becoming style.

  2. Wow, the jacket is coming out soooo well. Its going to be very flattering on you and I'm really looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

  3. Becki!!! Your jacket looks great! What do the buttons look like?
    Vision board looks good, too. Now I see what you needed the tricot lining for.


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