Friday, October 29, 2010

An evening of fun with duct tape, olive oil and plaster of paris

I got the plaster poured in one duct tape cast tonight!
I have spent most of my free time this week staring at those silver things wondering if this had any chance of working.
Of course, you can do anything with duct tape!
Actually, it doesn't hold water very well, especially around the toes and heels.
It also doesn't hold its shape very well after you goop all that plaster into it.
The first part of cast making involves about a half a cup of olive oil to coat the inside of the duct tape. This immediately turned the sticky underside of the tape to goop.
So, I was sitting on the back porch, on a tarp so I didn't have to clean any of the nasty things out of the house tonight. I had my bowl of 4 cups of water, and my 15 lbs of plaster. Its kind of like making gravy, only you stir it with you hand.
I got the 8 cups of plaster mixed in and I had to use my hands to smooth out the lumps get everything stirred in.
Then I held the right form in one hand and poured it out of the pan into the form. I ran out of plaster about 8" from the top, but that was actually OK. This was suprisingly heavy! Then I realized that if I tried to set them down they would collapse. So had to sit the and hold them for 30 minutes. Then it occured to me, am I cementing myself to this? Thank goodness the olive oil that I rubbed in had soaked through and I was fine.
Tomorrow I will start on the left one and see if the right one can still stand.

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