Sunday, August 1, 2010

My New Babies!

I may have picked the very HOTTEST weekend of the year, but I got some sunshine and I planted some tomatoes!

This picture is from Saturday night, before I picked up 3 more bags of potting soil at Sam's Club in order to plant the last 3 little dears. I should start picking fresh, juicy homegrown tomatoes by the end of September. Sometimes I really love texas! Up north we never would have imagined home grown salads on Thanksgiving, and with any luck we won't have a hard freeze before then.
Now, for the details. I have 1 yellow plant, 3 heritage Paul Robeson's which should have purple-ish tomatoes, an Early Bird, an Arkansas Traveler (beefsteak tomatoes), 2 plants with Italian tomatoes and the last one was called Sunmaster which is supposed to grow well in the hot sun.
Now I just need to remember to water them on the off chance that it doesn't rain every other day.
Stay tuned for more on "'Mater Watch 2010"


  1. I wish I liked tomatoes. They're so beautiful and the heirloom ones are fantastic with all of their greens, purples, and yellows, but ugh I just canNOT get behind them.


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