Monday, August 23, 2010


I asked for it, I got it!
Finally, a personal fashion statement that doesn't contain a YAWN!

This is Burda #108 from last month. It is the perfect use for that stunning EOS silk jersey (said Tahari).
Now I could have picked something sensible like a Jalie top, but that wouldn't have looked any less cougar (mid life crisis). I won't wear this any less than I would have worn the top.

Besides, I literally cut this out yesterday at about 4PM, and I am going to wear it tomorrow.


  1. Mmmm, lovely. Hope you have a grin like the cat that got the cream today whilst wearing that. Its divine. Absolutely the perfect marriage of pattern and fabric. Looks wonderful.

  2. Awesome skirt, fabric is perfect for it.

  3. That's an amazing skirt! It will work well into fall/winter.

  4. Thanks ladies, it feels like I am gliding on the softness.
    Now, I need a coolershirt to to with it! That old off white poly top from Talbots has had its day, now I need something fab to wear with this skirt. A camp shirt perhaps?

  5. Wow, great skirt!! That fabric was perfect!


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