Saturday, February 6, 2010

To topstitch or not?

Remember this jacket? I do, barely. I started it for the "Wool" contest on PR sometime last year.

For the last couple of weeks I have been caught up in trying to pass my last certification test, so no sewing and no blogging. Last night I couldn't stand it anymore so I pulled it out of the bag, ironed the pieces and got back to work.
I decided that instead of beating my self up designing some weird lower front facing I just cut out 2 more of the center front and middle front pieces and be done with it. I also cut the lining out of silk charmeuse, and I made the sleeves solid black and white instead of solid black like the trim. I may trim the end of the sleeves in black if it seems lacking...

Now I have the pieces of the lower body sewn together, and I am wondering how some heavy topstitching would look.

The topstitching on the pattern looks really nice. I would definitely do it by hand in a heavy black embroidery thread using Sewyld's technique from her Marfy 1444, her results are so impeccable!

I am just not sure how it would look on this fabric, its a really sharp birdseye that looks kind of like a cross:

I welcome suggestions and topstitching tips!

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  1. I would just try a sample and see how it looks and go from there.


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