Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Marfy 3400 -that's OK, I meant to do that

How many times have you seen a RTW garment and you see something that you swear was an accident.  I mean like the exposed zipper.  There is no way that was on purpose the first time.
Marfy 3400

Exposed seams were the trend for awhile.  It looked wrong side out to me.

Or the center front seam on a sheath dress?  I look at that and think "Huh, made it too wide"

Color blocking, "Somebody didn't buy enough fabric"

WELLLL, ask me how I know.

The white neck band… Yep, not in the pattern.  Looks nice though, it kind of draws the design of the fabric together.  With the little slit in the neck back it looks absolutely deliberate.

I got in a hurry, worked in a poorly lit room and cut my facing out of my shirt front.

That's OK, I can make a design element…
For $XX/yard silk charmeuse I can turn lots of things into a design element.  It beats a really expensive pajama top.
in pieces!

This is a gorgeous design border print from Emma One Sock.  The picture even doesn't do the color justice.  I have never seen a cobalt blue this saturated.
I cut the back on the bias.  I'm so in love with bias cut silk charmeuse right now!

I bought several yards, I could have recut or worked around.  Or, I could save it and have enough left over for a way too awesome jacket lining.

I sewed this in brief intervals while working overtime.  OK, maybe I should be more focused and not stop and start so often.  Its still a very satisfying relatively instant gratification project.

Everyone at work Fawned over it.  Its funny how people pass over the hours spent on a meticulously tailored jacket or a perfectly fitted pair of jeans that you spent years developing, but they absolutely adore a super easy casual top.  Nobody even cared about the french seams, I had them in love at the matched seams...

As for the front band, it isn't absolutely perfectly straight, or even or maybe even perfectly symmetrical.
I like to think of it as artistic.
After all, when I sewed on the front band I was convinced that I was working on a pajama top, or something for grocery shopping on saturdays.

As for more sewing projects, I'm actually working on a muslin!  Its for Susan Khalje class next week.  I'm also working on a skirt.  Marfy 2531 skirt.  The pattern is pinned here.


  1. I would have never known.......nice work!

  2. I love the top! It's colorful, slimming and that bias back is just gorgeous!!!!

  3. Love this top and your additions, the advantage of sewing, it is all an original. You have also made me re-look at this pattern, thank you.

  4. Beautiful top, the color is vibrant. Probably only people who sew too can appreciate the work that goes into a jacket or a well fitted jeans. This top deserves its praise for looks and for great sewing.

  5. Such a great colour to this fabric, and the top looks fantastic! ... J

  6. Love it! I'm sure the fabric is sold out, but I am going to look anyway ;)

  7. Beautiful! I love the combination of turquoise and cobal blues, too!

  8. Fabulous top. The colour is so flattering on you. Love the skirt you are planning. Look forward to seeing what you make that in.

  9. Nice save! You have convinced me to try a border print. It works well as a vertical element.

  10. Great save! I am loving the color combo too! Blue and turquoise.... lovely.

  11. You have mastered the art of enjoying sewing and not letting anything ruin your joy!


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